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We provide no cost Post Collision Repair Inspections to reassure you that your family's vehicle has been repaired to pre-accident condition in regards to function, safety, appearance & value. 



Are you sure that you & your loved ones are safe in your vehicle?

                               Wreck Inspection Services

    1) We will inspect your car and give you our opinion on how much money the insurance

        company may owe you for your vehicle’s loss of value.

    2) We can help show you how you can reduce your personal property tax. 

    3) We can assist you with difficult insurance issues.

    4) We can assure you that your car was fixed according to the manufacturers   specifications, verify the correct parts were used and give you our opinion, to whether your car is safe to drive. If we find faulty or improper repairs we will help you get your car fixed accurately and properly.

    When you are in an accident, your vehicle is suppose to be restored to it's pre-accident condition but many times it is not…make sure that you and your family are safe in the vehicle that you are driving everyday.             

           We are NOW offering Pre-Purchase vehicle inspections!   

 Make sure the vehicle that you want to buy has no HIDDEN DAMAGE or potential safety hazards; ensuring your safety and your investment.

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We are independent unbiased vehicle damage appraisers and inspectors specializing in the areas of vehicle diminished value, total loss vehicle assessments, pre-purchase & post collision repair  inspections.


Don't go to the first auto body shop your insurance company recommends!

This could happen to you, and we don't want to see ANYONE put in this situation...

How a Post-Repair Inspection Could Save a Life

The vehicle depicted in this video was not repaired at a Honda dealership.

Collision Safety Consultants is On Your Side!

The Importance of OEM Parts in Collision Repair

 "Your Diminished  Value & Post Collision Repair Inspectors"


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